Why Should I Hire a Videographer

When planning your wedding top of the list is to have a photographer, but videographer are usually near the bottom of must have lists, which is a real shame. Budget has a lot to do with it but a lot of couple’s regret not having one. A wedding day is full of love and emotion, family and friends wishing you well. Think how incredible it is to have this captured forever.

Sometimes it is hard to get everyone you love to your wedding, especially if they are overseas. They would be delighted when you send them your video/DVD and be able to share your day.

For the bride and groom the wedding day can be a blur, and you can’t clearly remember it all. A DVD lets you relive your special day, the emotion of the vows, every move you made during your first dance. Preserving the big moments, and for you to experience some of the things you didn’t see.

As a bride you will never wear your wedding dress again, after hours of anticipation, planning and choosing your dress you deserve to have the best way to remember it.

A video is like a time capsule they allow you to see and hear your grandparents, see your flower girls walk down the aisle. Some of your loved one’s will get older and pass away. Your videographer will capture them now for you to see forever.

Years from now imagine sitting down with your children and grandchildren and sharing your memories. Imagine if you could watch your own parents or grandparents wedding. Can you put a price on memories like that?

Moving images and sound create lasting impressions on people, they engage the senses on a deeper level than a still photograph. There are so many special moments to remember, dad’s voice cracking during his speech, heartfelt wishes and tears in your mum’s eyes.

Videographers have invested in high quality equipment to give you the best outcome. Most professionals know exactly where to be at the right time. Editors can piece together the footage with the right music and special effects to accommodate anything you wish to have.

A lot of couple’s say “Oh I wouldn’t watch it, it’s a waste of money”. You will definitely want to watch it and show it to others, even if you only watch it on anniversaries, it’s still worth the investment.

We have established that having a videographer is the way to go, but there is a huge difference between Uncle’s Joe’s handy cam or a few minutes on a friend’s mobile phone and a videographer.